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Lukas Koster   February 22, 2010   No Comments on Vlogged!

Wilma van den Brink interviewed me for her blog, about the comparison between digital developments in the music and publishing industry (in Dutch). Watch the video here: Muziek versus boeken – Lukas Koster from JeBibliotheek on Vimeo.


Lukas Koster   January 1, 2008   No Comments on Guitar

Since the beginning of 2003 I am playing the guitar. Together with my brother Frits and friend Taco I attended a “Guitar for beginners” course at the Zuid-Kennemerland Music School in Haarlem. After that we have been instructed professionally by a guitar playing hairdresser, Frans Goossens. He taught us to play a large number of popular songs.Currently my brother Frits… Read more »